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Official Blog of Atooma, the mobile toolkit to create your own contextual mini-apps.

Atooma selected for “Mobile Technologies Incubator”

Atooma has been selected to be a part of the Mobile Technologies Incubator corporate acceleration program: the first initiative born from the collaboration between Paris Incubateurs and AlcatelOneTouch.

Last week the 6 selected european startups Shoot4me, Speekr,, Ayotle, Atooma and ePawn were introduced during the launch event. The Marketing Vice President of Alcatel One Touch Eric Vallet said:

“We wanted to import knowledge and expertise of technological innovative startups to breath new air but also to differentiate their mobile products.”

This represents an opportunity for Atooma to interact with Alcatel One Touch business units, to meet potential partners and to be trained by many mentors and advisors. Said Gioia Pistola of the Atooma Team:

"It is a great acknowledgement to be selected by such a mobile handsets manufacturers counting on years of production and selling experience for his first corporate innovation program Mobile Technologies. We are getting in touch with the management team at Alcatel One Touch who is looking after us to help us improving and delivering our products. We accepted this challenge to show how Atooma could win with another big player in the connected devices space and bring value to this growing business."




Atooma winner at Internet of Things Bootcamp 2014

Hub:raum, Berlin. 140 european startups applications. 13 selected startups invited to the event. Only 1 italian startup among them: Atooma. And we won the competition!

The Internet of Things Bootcamp has seen many interesting pitches and personalities operating in the field of smart ecosystems, wearable technology and of course: internet of things. It was an opportunity to meet promising european startups and to pitch in front of new investors interested in technological innovation trends.
Our team members Gioia and Fabrizio took part in the event as Atooma representatives. The competition was very tough, but this made us even prouder of this achievement! Atooma won 10.000 Euro while the other winner, Agroptima, won 3 months of coworking and a program with Hub:raum. Congratulations and good luck guys!





Update: Atooma 2.0.7 is online

We can finally announce that a new release of our app Atooma is available on the Google Play Store! Download it for free at the following link:

With the new Atooma version you will find new modules in the MOBILE cluster, such as Auto-RotateTethering On/Off and Audio Manager. This means you will be able to toggle the smartphone screen auto-rotation, to set your wifi tethering on or off, and to control all the volume levels of your smartphone!

We also worked on crashes, bug fixes and user interface to better improve our app and make it even more simple to use by our users.
During the next days we will explore all the new modules on our G+ page: 

We will suggest you useful rules to make the most of them! 

Update and try new combinations:

Atooma launches the SDK Private Beta for Android developers

Atooma - the Android app that makes your smartphone a real personal assistant - launches the first Early Developer Program addressing to mobile applications and smart devices developers. The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows to integrate a third party product in a free and easy way thanks to the Atooma app and to get access to more than 80 already supported functionalities between sensors, applications and web services.

Thanks to the software development kit it’s possibile to create third party plug-ins which can be activated in-app as new IF and DO modules improving automation and customization options of Atooma. 

By interfacing with Atooma the developers can spread their app through the Atooma community, as well as gain advantage from the framework to give birth to new integrations with third party products or services. Among the already supported functions of Atooma: accelerometer, battery level, light sensor, gps, wifi/mobile connections, NFC tags, Samsung Gear Smartwatch, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, and many others.

The release is now in Private Beta phase in order to improve the sdk thanks to the Android developers and makers community, and then the Kit will be released publicly under an Open Source license during the next weeks. Currently the access is allowed only by invitation and to be part of the list it’s necessary to leave the email address in the following form:

Atooma partner app for Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Atooma has been chosen by Samsung as the Genius App to be included in the NEW Tizen powered smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, launching on the market on April 2014!


With the new Tizen SDK for Wearables (downloadable from the Tizen Developer website: ) a variety of applications for Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo are expected to be developed by active Tizen app developer community. Samsung continues to focus on shaping the future of the wearable technology as well as expanding more possibilities for app developers, partners, and consumers.

With more than 100 unique partnerships, Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo provide users with enhanced wearable experiences for fitness, shopping, social media, music, news, and sleep management. 

Currently available Gear 2 apps include:

  • Atooma: Atooma is a context-aware application to fully automate actions and tasks across your smartphone and Gear. Based on the simple logic of “IF something happens then DO that”, Atooma will execute your desired actions exactly when you want, and it is able to sense conditions and acts to free you from mundane and repetitive tasks.

"Atooma for Samsung Gear 2 lets you use simple wrist gestures to make things happen (Send a text, Put Silence Mode on if a meeting is approaching on your Google Calendar, Switch on or off the Wifi, Gps, Bluetooth, Adjust Brightness); or manage your Gear 2 picture sharing or storage automatically - said Gioia Pistola, founder of Atooma together with Francesca Romano, Fabrizio Cialdea and Andrea Meriggioli. We are honored to be part of the Samsung ecosystem as we feel confident in the revolutionary concept of ‘smart freedom’"

Excerpt taken from the Samsung Mobile Press website:

Atooma lancia la Beta Privata del suo SDK per sviluppatori Android

Atooma - l’app per Android che rende gli smartphone dei veri e propri assistenti personali -lancia il primo Early Developer Program indirizzato a sviluppatori di applicazioni o di smart device. Il Software Development Kit (SDK) consente di integrare il proprio prodotto in modo veloce e gratuito con l’applicazione Atooma ed accedere a più di 80 funzionalità tra sensori, applicazioni e servizi web supportati.

Con il software development kit è possibile creare plug-ins attivabili in-app come nuovi moduli IF e DO espandendo le possibilità di personalizzazione e automazione di Atooma. Interfacciandosi con Atooma gli sviluppatori, oltre a diffondere la propria app agli utenti della community di Atooma, potranno trarre vantaggio dal framework per dare vita a nuove integrazioni con prodotti e servizi terzi. Tra le funzioni oggi supportate da Atooma: accelerometro, livello batteria, sensore di luce, gps, connessioni wifi/mobili, tag NFC, Samsung Gear Smartwatch, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox e molte altre ancora.

Il rilascio è in fase di Beta Privata al fine di migliorarlo insieme alla community di sviluppatori Android e dei Makers e rilasciare poi pubblicamente il Kit in modalità Open Source nelle prossime settimane. Al momento si accede quindi tramite invito e per far parte del gruppo è necessario lasciare l’indirizzo mail nel seguente form:


Atooma rappresenterà l’Italia allo Startup boot-camp di Tel Aviv

  Atooma rappresenterà l’Italia allo “Startup boot-camp Tel Aviv”,  un concorso internazionale aperto alle startup di 14 paesi del mondo: Regno Unito, Germania, Danimarca, Francia, Italia, Spagna, Svezia, Irlanda, Lettonia, India, Cina - Shangai, Corea, Messico e Colombia.


Photo credit: Menteultima

  Nello specifico il concorso è stato organizzato per la selezione della startup italiana dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri israelianola città di Tel Aviv e Google Israel e in Italia dall’Ambasciata di Israele e daLUISS ENLABS – la fabbrica delle startup, in collaborazione con Italia Camp e con il supporto di Banca Intesa Sanpaolo.

  Atooma avrà l’opportunità di intervenire ad un intenso programma di conferenze, workshop, e incontri con imprenditori, professionisti e investitori israeliani. 

  “Startup boot-camp Tel Aviv 2013” si terrà durante la settimana – dal 12 al 17 Ottobre - del Digital Life Design Festival (DLD) e costituisce un’importante opportunità di formazione e networking all’interno dell’ecosistema startup di Tel Aviv. 

Insieme alla start up romana, nata da InnovActionLab dalle altre nazioni parteciperanno:

  • Movinary da Berlino, Germania
  • Trustev da Dublino, irlanda
  • Fastr  da Riga, Lettonia
  • Internet-of-things  da Shanghai, Cina 
  • Flitto da Seoul, Corea
  • IdBooster da Bogotà, Colombia

  L’elenco tuttavia non è completo, la selezione è ancora in corso quindi seguiteci per scoprire le start up dei restanti paesi.

Atooma selected to represent Italy at the Startup boot-camp of Tel Aviv

   Atooma will represent Italy at the “Startup boot-camp Tel Aviv”, an international competition open to startups from 14 countries of the world: UK, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Latvia, India, China - Shanghai, Korea, Mexico and Colombia.image

Photo credit: Menteultima

   Specifically, the competition was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, the city of Tel Aviv and Google Israel and in Italy by the Embassy of Israel and LUISS ENLABS - the startups factory ,in partnership with Italia Camp and sponsored by Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, to select the Italian startup.

  Atooma will have the opportunity to participate in lectures, workshops and meetings with leading Israeli investors and professionals.

   “Startup boot-camp Tel Aviv 2013” will be held during the Digital Life Design (DLD) Festival week - Oct. 12th  to 17th . Atooma will have the opportunity to meet the coolest and smartest companies, techies, startups, designers, artists, scientists, investors, and cultural drivers from Israel and abroad.

   Along with the roman start-up, that originates from InnovActionLab, from other nations will join:

  • Movinary from Berlin, Germany
  • Trustev from Dublin, Ireland
  • Fastr  from  Riga, Latvia
  • Internet-of-things  from Shanghai, China 
  • Flitto  from Seoul, Korea
  • IdBooster from Bogota, Colombia

The list is incomplete, the selection is still opened then follow us to find out all the attendee start-up.

Atooma e’ l’applicazione di punta del nuovo Samsung Galaxy Gear


  Samsung sceglie Atooma come applicazioni “smart” da inserire nello nuovo smartwatch Galaxy Gear, che ha debuttato lo scorso 4 Settembre durante la conferenza che anticipa l’IFA, grande fiera dell’hi-tech in corso dal 6 all’11 settembre a Berlino.

  Atooma, app dell’omonima startup italiana, che  permette la comunicazione tra applicazioni, sensori hardware e il cellulare stesso, metterà in collegamento l’orologio intelligente agli smartphone Galaxy prodotti da Samsung, per estenderne le funzionalità.


  Sara’ cosi possibile essere sempre notificati sul Gear sulle e-mail ricevute da contatti importanti, o mettere il silenzioso al telefono durante i meeting con un rapido movimento del polso, o far “parlare”il Gear solo per tweet o post facebook importanti mentre si e’ alla guida, e persino comporre una telefonata senza dover togliere dalla tasca lo smartphone, con un semplice gesto. Sempre sott’occhio anche le previsioni meteo e persino il numero di passi percorsi, oltre a poter salvare le foto scattate dal Gear in modo automatico su Dropbox, Facebook o altri servizi di cloud storage.

  “La continua innovazione di Samsung rispecchia il nostro impegno nel capire e anticipare i  bisogni dei consumatori semplificandone la vita quotidiana e rendendola più facile e piacevole”, ha dichiarato JK Shin, CEO and President IT & Mobile Division Samsung Electronics. 

  “Il Gear creato da Samsung e’ perfettamente in linea con la filosofia di Atooma – ha commentato Gioia Pistola – una delle co-fondatrici del progetto insieme a Francesca Romano, Fabrizio Cialdea, Andrea Meriggioli - liberare dal bisogno di controllare in ogni momento il proprio dispositivo mobile permettendo di scegliere come, perché, quando e
dove essere connessi. E soprattutto essere seguiti da un assistente magico come Atooma”.

  L’accordo tra Samsung ad Atooma apre ancora di piu’ la strada verso il rivoluzionario concetto di “smart freedom” che la startup italiana sta rendendo sempre piu’ realta’ grazie all’evoluzione della tecnologia che ha sviluppato, che oggi permette di mettere in comunicazione apps, automobili, orologi intelligenti, elettrodomestici e ovviamente smartphones.


Atooma is the unique “genius” app of the new Samsung Galaxy Gear


  Atooma has been chosen by Samsung as a “smart” application to be included in the new smartwatch Galaxy Gear, launched on September 4th during the conference that anticipated the IFA, the largest hi-tech fair in Eu, in progress from 6th to 11th September in Berlin.

  Atooma, named after the Italian startup, which enables communication between applications, hardware sensors and the phone itself, will connect the smartwatch to Galaxy smartphones manufactured by Samsung, in order to empower their performance.


  You can always be notified by the Gear about e-mail received from important contacts, set the mobile phone in silent mode with a quick flick of your wrist during meeting, or let the Gear “read” relevant tweets/facebook post while driving, and even dial phone numbers without taking the smartphone out of your pocket. The amount of information provided ranges from weather forecasts to the steps you walk on your way and the pictures taken by the Gear can be  automatically uploaded to your Dropbox, Facebook or other cloud storage services.

  “The continuous innovation of Samsung reflects our commitment to understand and anticipate the needs of consumers by simplifying everyday life and making it easier and pleasant”, said JK Shin, President and CEO IT & Samsung Mobile Division Electronics.

  “The Gear created by Samsung is perfectly in line with Atooma’s philosophy  – said Gioia Pistola, founder of the project together with Francesca Romano, Fabrizio Cialdea  and Andrea Meriggioli. Both aim to make the user free from the need to  continuously check his/her mobile device by relying on the intelligence of a magical assistant as Atooma. “

  The deal between Samsung and Atooma opens “the way for the revolutionary concept of  ‘smart freedom’ that the Italian startup is making always closer to ‘reality’ thanks to  technological progress that now allows you to put in communication apps, cars, smart watches, appliances and of course smartphones.